Who Watches You – X-Ray Vans – Roundup Birth Defects – Internet Wiretaps – Generation Nincompoops

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Who Is Watching You? Nine Industries That Know Your Every Move
Don’t kid yourself. Real privacy no longer exists in this country.
Thanks to advances in technology, however, there are also now numerous private enterprises that track and record your every move.
Ranked by number of people they track:
1) Credit Rating Agencies 2) Cell Phone Service Providers 3) Social Media Companies 4) Credit Card Companies 5) Search Engines 6) Retail Chains 7) Casinos 8 ) Banks 9) Life Insurance Companies


Getting Some Rays: Forget Radar, Now the Government is X-Raying You as You Drive
Homeland Security Department has purchased 500 mobil X-ray vans called ZBVs that can scan cars, trucks and homes without the drivers or residents in a building even knowing that they’re being zapped.
The mobil X-ray vans are only the latest step in a steady march by the American government towards a total national security state, where citizens can expect to be monitored in everything they do. Cities are installing video cameras all over the place, allegedly to fight crime and catch drivers who speed or run red lights. And just last week, the Obama administration announced that it was seeking to expand monitoring of communications to include non-phone systems like Skype and Google Phone, and that it would require internet communications providers to provide it with customer messages, even encrypted ones.


Study Shows Monsanto Roundup Herbicide Link to Birth Defects

Because the seeds of Monsanto Roundup Ready GMO soybeans or other crops have been manipulated solely to be “resistant” to Roundup herbicide, while all other plant life in the field is killed by Roundup, farmers using Roundup Ready seeds must also purchase Roundup herbicide, making a captive market for both seed and chemicals.

Researchers from the UK, Brazil, USA, and Argentina have demonstrated that Glyphosate, the main active ingredient in Roundup causes malformations in frog and chicken embryos at doses far lower than those used in agricultural spraying and well below maximum residue levels in products presently approved in the European Union.


Report: US would make Internet wiretaps easier
The Obama administration is pushing to make it easier for the government to tap into internet and e-mail communications.
“Under the guise of a technical fix, the government looks to be taking one more step toward conducting easy dragnet collection of Americans’ most private communications,” Calabrese said. “This proposal will create even more security risks by mandating that our communications have a ‘backdoor’ for government use and will make our online interactions even more vulnerable.”


Are we raising a generation of nincompoops?
“Having so much comfort and ease is what has led to this situation — the Velcro sneakers, the Pull-Ups generation. You can pee in your pants and we’ll take care of it for you!”
But Bauerlein says there’s a second factor: “a loss of independence and a loss of initiative.” He says that growing up with cell phones and Google  means kids don’t have to figure things out or solve problems any more. They can look up what they need online or call mom or dad for step-by-step instructions. And today’s helicopter parents are more than happy to oblige, whether their kids are 12 or 22.



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