More Evidence Against BPA, Students Hack DC Voting System, Smart Grid has 440Million Hackable Points, Winter Vegetable Garden

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The Dangers of a Food Chemical: New Evidence Against BPA
America’s most demonized food-packaging chemical, nationally debated and being considered for a federal ban under an amendment of the food safety bill, S. 510, may be even worse than anyone imagined
the potentially hazardous chemical can enter the human body via multiple routes and is far harder for our bodies to metabolize than previously believed.
BPA is everywhere, with the CDC concluding that more than 90 percent of Americans are chronically exposed.
Vom Saal and his fellow researchers discovered how the chemical warped the reproductive systems of mice, enlarging prostates and reducing sperm counts.

Students Hack Washington D.C.’s Web Voting System to Play College Fight Song
A pilot internet voting program in Washington D.C.  for this November’s elections has been scrapped. Why? Well, officials invited hackers to give the system their “best shot,” and some college kids did—and pulled off a pretty good prank.
But the trial period was quickly put on hold, with the board citing “usability issues.”
“Usability issues,” like the fact that the site would play the University of Michigan fight song, “Hail to the Victors,” after users cast a ballot.

Lockheed Martin on the smart grid: ‘440 million new hackable points
By the end of 2015 we will have 440 million new hackable points on the grid. Nobody’s equipped to deal with that today.
Right now if I wanted to cut off the power to your house, I’d climb the pole, and there’s a manual switch. Everything’s physical. Once we have a smart grid in place I could do that from China.
Every smart meter is going to be a hackable point. There are devices and routers in all of the substations that are hackable. Automated devices at home all become hackable points. We’re making the whole network from generation to distribution and meter fully automated, so that’s hackable. If you can communicate with it, you can hack it

Indoor Winter Vegetable Gardens, by Kate in Colorado
With the looming price hike in food and the uncertainty of the times I am comforted with the knowledge that I’ll be picking fresh greens, tomatoes, peppers, beans, and herbs right in the comfort of my living spaces. No, I don’t have a greenhouse. So I thought I’d share a little information of how you too can enjoy the benefits of fresh produce all years round without a greenhouse or sun room.
There is nothing that gives a person hope for the future more than harvesting delicious food while the snow is blowing sideways during a storm!

The Drop Sheet: Welcome
Print It. Read It. Leave It.
I am hopefully that this is the life cycle of an issue of The Drop Sheet. The Drop Sheet idea came about when I would be done reading a newsletter, I would highlight a few lines and then leave it in a stall in the men’s room for the next person to read. From there I would print articles to be left there and also on or around the printer, so that it might be picked up and looked over by more people.
I hope that you too will print off a copy or two and start to leave them in restrooms you frequent and common areas you spend time in.




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