Real Numbers = Great Depression, French Petro Panic, Silver and Rice, Manganese Adverse Affects

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Behind federal government’s lies: real economic numbers prove US in Great Depression
Much of the major news media—as many Americans have finally come to realize—is in collusion with governments at the federal, state and county level. Gone are the days when journalists were true watchdogs over the public till and
promoters of good government. Most news organizations have become corporate organs attached to the government at the hip, and citizens have paid a dear price for this unholy alliance.

Meanwhile the federal government and the Federal Reserve both claim that inflation is virtually non-existent. They have denied any increase in Social Security benefits to retirees based on numbers that both know are fraudulent.

The real seasonally adjusted unemployment rate today hovers at 23 percent.

The horrifying truth is that since 1985 the dollar has lost about 50 percent of its value.

During 2009 the GDP collapsed by a negative 6 percent and even now is running at a negative 1 to 2 percent.

Panic at the pumps: French motorists swamp petrol stations as fuel supplies to main Paris airport cut off
Striking workers have closed down 11 out of France’s 12 plants, sparking fears that the petrol pumps will run dry.
Union bosses yesterday called for a nationwide strike on Tuesday, hoping to galvanise France into a drawn-out confrontation with the government over a proposed rise in the retirement age.
Transport minister Dominque Bussereau tried to reassure drivers that fuel would not run out – but petrol station owners said his message only sent more people rushing to fill up.
Meanwhile, 38 fuel tankers and 11 gas transporters are currently sitting off the Mediterranean coast, unable to offload cargos of crude oil to the biggest refineries around Marseilles.

Jim Rogers says stock up on silver chopsticks and rice
Turning his attention to currencies, Rogers said: “Right now everyone is pessimistic about the dollar, including me, so I wouldn’t sell the dollar right now. In the long run though he believes the dollar will keep going down.
“I am pessimistic long-term but I found in life it’s better being a contrarian than not be,” he said.
Speaking in a Teck Ticker interview on Wednesday, Rogers said: “Central banks around the world are going to print money till we run out of trees”. Investors should protect themselves with real assets, he argues.
“Buy yourself some silver chopsticks or some silver cutlery, and buy yourself some rice, stock up with rice and you will be very rich in 5 or 10 years,” Rogers told India’s Economic Times.

Manganese Can Adversely Affect Childrens Intelligence
According to a report in Science Daily, a new Canadian study shows that children exposed to high concentrations of manganese in drinking water performed worse on tests of intellectual functioning than children with lower exposures.
Soy Infant Formula is LOADED with Manganese!
Yes, researchers have found that soybean plants absorb manganese from the soil and concentrate it, so that its use in soy-based infant formula can result in as much as 200 times the level found in natural breast milk!

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